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Relationship Fundraising: A Donor-Based Approach to the

Relationship Fundraising: A Donor-Based Approach to the Business of Raising Money, 2nd Edition

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Do you feel connected to your donors? Are you treating each donor as an individual? Learn how to develop quality relationships with your donors that they will appreciate with the help of the book Relationship Fundraising: A Donor-Based Approach to the Business of Raising Money.

International fundraising consultant Ken Burnett identifies successful techniques for marketing to donors, emphasizing the need to establish mutually rewarding relationships with contributors. After the first edition of the book was published in 1992, it was reprinted twice and sold in approximately 40 countries. This second edition has been thoroughly expanded and revised.

Burnett describes relationship fundraising as "an approach to the marketing of a cause that centers on the unique and special relationship between a nonprofit and each supporter. Its overriding consideration is to care for and develop that bond and to do nothing that might damage or jeopardize it. Every activity is therefore geared toward making sure donors know they are important, valued and considered, which has the effect of maximizing funds per donor in the long term."

Relationship Fundraising will show you how to avoid the most common communication pitfalls, how to apply recent consumer research to daily fundraising practice and how donor-centered outreach can encourage givers to invest in the nonprofit for the long term.

Author: Ken Burnett

ISBN Number: 9780787960896
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 384
Publish Date: June 15, 2002
Publisher: Jossey-Bass; 2 edition