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Over Goal: What You Need to Know

Over Goal: What You Need to Know to Excel at Fundraising, 2nd Edition

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To conserve or to change? With all due respect to the Prince of Denmark, that is the question ... as far as today's fundraising is concerned. Do we cling to traditional practices even when their foundation is compromised, or do we forsake "tried and true" ways so as to woo a new generation of donors demanding different approaches? Clearly the answer, according to Kay Sprinkel Grace, is ... both. And knowing what to conserve and what to change is the essence of her expanded and revised 2nd Edition of Over Goal! What You Must Know to Excel at Fundraising Today.

In its first incarnation, Over Goal! attained classic status (more than one sage called it "the new bible of fundraising"). But now Grace has taken a scalpel to her original and invigorated it with 12 new chapters while updating trends and figures. The final product is arguably the most perceptive fundraising book since Harold Seymour's Designs for Fund Raising.

In 40 comprehensive chapters, Over Goal! ranges over the entire landscape of fundraising and board development. Virtually every subject (e.g. understanding the motivations of major donors, keeping your prospect pipeline full, the dynamics of a solicitation call, the new realities of capital campaigns) is explored, and every technique explained. And there are surprising topics, too, such as using the Internet for stewardship, soothing disgruntled donors, and what you should always communicate to your donors.

Over Goal! is a big book - big with ideas, big with advice for implementing those ideas, and big with strategies for motivating people to make their best gift ever.

Author: Kay Sprinkel Grace

ISBN Number: 9781889102283
Format: Paperback
Pages: 288
Publish Date: September 30, 2006
Publisher: Emerson & Church Publishers; 2 Rev Exp edition