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Nonprofit Guide to Going Green

Nonprofit Guide to Going Green

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This book is printed on acid-free paper made from 100% post-consumer recycled pulp with soy ink.

You don't have to be an expert or even know an expert to learn how to green the day-to-day activities of your organization. An out-growth and companion to Green Nonprofits a nonprofit organization founded to be an accessible source of information about greening the nonprofit workplace a Nonprofit Guide to Going Green is your comprehensive practical learning tool to guiding your nonprofit in every aspect towards becoming greener.

Timely and practical, Nonprofit Guide to Going Green is packed with workable solutions toward becoming greener, such as organizing an e-solicitation, instead of a paper one, changing your travel plans to be more environmentally friendly, using and reusing more green products, completing a green audit and moving toward becoming green certified, greening your budget, and much more! Plus, authoritative advice on how to:

  • Examine your organizations fundraising efforts and transition
  • Incorporate green techniques to contribute toward increasing revenues and reducing expenses
  • Build awareness of your organization and present it as a sustainability leader in your community
  • Understand and make changes in your use of water, chemicals, and energy
  • Take proactive measurable steps to protect the environment that cost little or no money

As people and corporations around the world become greener, they in turn expect the charities they support to also take proactive steps to protect the environment. Nonprofit Guide to Going Green leads the way in helping your organization meet this challenge and is an essential call to action for this new century. It is your definitive go-to-resource for the nonprofit community to learn how to most effectively transition into green[er] organizations.