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Leadership & Spirit: Breathing New Vitality and Energy into

Leadership & Spirit: Breathing New Vitality and Energy into Individuals and Organizations

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Learn how you can harness your inner spirit to help yourself and those around you approach work with a renewed sense of purpose and satisfaction. In this book, Moxley shows how spirit can spawn a more vital and vibrant kind of leadership-one that, in turn, promotes the creativity, vitality, and well-being of others.

Here, Moxley examines various leadership practices: those that elevate people's spirits and those that cause the spirit to wither and wane. He offers specific suggestions on what each of us can do to reach a new level of awareness regarding leadership. And he demonstrates how a spirited leadership that values rituals, celebrations, and employee input creates a totally engaged workforce; one that brings the whole person-mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual-to work.

Author: Russ S. Moxley

ISBN Number: 9780787909499
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 228
Publish Date: November 1, 1999
Publisher: Jossey-Bass; 1 edition