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How to Connect with Donors and Double the Money You Raise

How to Connect with Donors and Double the Money You Raise

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Reality check.

Can you, as the title of this new book by Thomas Wolf says, really double the money you raise?

That depends.

If you're already raising a sizable sum, then, yes, you might well double your revenue by heeding Wolf's advice. But if you're raising only modest amounts now, then you should be able to triple or even quadruple your charitable income. One thing is certain. Most fundraisers haven't been raising nearly the amount they could, argues Wolf.

Too often we see donors through the lens of retention rates, average gifts, moves management, and gift table place setters. It's as if our donors have become video game avatars we can manipulate. While that may help us harvest low-hanging gifts, fundraisers who reap the real bounty do something that many neglect in this era of Facebook. They engage their donors in a multitude of ways, large and small.

Not that it's always easy to relate to your donors and treat them as the key partners they are.

What about when your donor is too demanding? What about when you feel too close to ask? What about when the gift you receive is disappointing? Worst of all, how do you relate, with any degree of authenticity, to a donor you find somewhat offensive?

As a first step, you follow Wolf's advice, which he offers through irresistible, real-life stories about donors.

How to Connect with Donors and Double the Money You Raise convincingly shows that successful fundraising is all about turning a name into a relationship.

When you do that, the money will flow.

Author: Thomas Wolf

ISBN Number: 9781889102429
Format: Paperback
Pages: 109
Publish Date: January 3, 2011
Publisher: Emerson & Church Publishers; First edition