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Giving Back: Connecting You,

Giving Back: Connecting You, Business, and Community

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More than ever before, business people are seeking new ways to get involved in their communities by affiliating with charities and nonprofits in meaningful and deeply powerful ways. This new mindset is one where doing good is not just positive public relations, but essential to the way the company does business. Giving Back: Connecting You, Business, and Community is a revolutionary book about the new enlightenment in business that is a direct result of the demographic, political, and social changes in the nation today.

Brimming with exclusive stories of leaders who have been successful at making a difference in their own communities, this book shows you how many successful business people have made giving back a part of their everyday lives. Giving Back also shows how your business's participation in charitable activities can enhance its brand and bottom line. Providing a wealth of hands-on, practical experience, this insightful book covers essential topics, including:

  • Why doing good is smart business
  • Leading by example
  • A revolution in retail
  • Partnering with nonprofits
  • A new spirit of volunteerism
  • The venture philanthropists
  • The personal benefits of giving back

When business people focus their energy, organizational talent, and personal connections on achieving a social goal, they can be a powerful force for community good. Giving Back provides you with the tools, facts, and know-how to build mutually beneficial relationships where the sum of the two parts can be greater than either one alone. There will never be a shortage of problems to be solved, but there will always be a need for talented and passionate people to help solve them. Giving Back will inspire you to give back to create a positive and long-lasting impact in your community and in the world around you.

Authors: Peter Economy and Bert Berkley

ISBN Number: 9780470167533
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 158
Publish Date: February 8, 2008
Publisher: Wiley