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From Grantmaker to Leader: Emerging Strategies for

From Grantmaker to Leader: Emerging Strategies for Twenty-First Century Foundations

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From Grantmaker to Leader

The past one hundred years has borne witness to an extraordinary revolution in the constitution and activities of philanthropic foundations. The evolution of the life span and development of foundations from founder to family to professionals to institutions has necessarily altered the role that foundations play within a society. With the growth of both financial and intellectual capital beyond the realm of passive grantmaking, foundations hold great promise to model leadership by the way they manage, communicate, and challenge the old ways of doing the business of doing good. From Grantmaker to Leader: Emerging Strategies for 21st Century Foundations takes stock of this shifting landscape, presenting bold leadership strategies for directing philanthropic organizations into the uncharted waters of the future.

Seasoned foundation executives Frank Ellsworth and Joe Lumarda assemble an all-star roster of insider contributors, dividing their trenchant study into four sections. "From Carnegie to Gates: The Changing Faces and Needs of Philanthropy" examines the history of family and community foundations and how the turmoil of the "New Economy" will affect these organizations in the future. Section two, "The Foundations New Reach: The Emerging Role of Leader, Communicator, and Facilitator of Change," challenges foundations to reexamine their role by way of venture philanthropy, media relations, and public policy. The third section, "Building the Foundation Board of the 21st Century: Diversity and Strategic Planning," explores the governance of foundations, principally on the issues of introducing the strengths and assets of the whole community into foundation boardrooms and initiating methodical, prudent, and yet provocative long-range planning. The final section, "Building Foundation Wisdom: The Challenge of Accumulating, Synthesizing, and Sharing Knowledge," builds on a growing belief that the unsung and untapped asset of foundations is the vast amount of compiled community knowledge.

Throughout all four sections, From Grantmaker to Leader tackles the critical issues facing philanthropy today, such as:

  • Intergenerational transfer of wealth
  • Family dynamics
  • Legislative concerns
  • Accountability
  • Advocacy
  • Venture philanthropy
  • Conveying a message
  • Psychological and social motivations
  • Collaboration and partnership

Even as the very nature of foundations has changed, a fundamental question remains: will philanthropies become a more pervasive player in society's future or will they stay on the sidelines, sending in grants like plays onto the field never engaging its full potential to the challenge? Writing directly for trustees, foundation CEOs, philanthropic professionals, advisors to clients creating foundations and those exploring a career in philanthropy, Ellsworth and Lumarda make the convincing case that foundations matter more than ever, offering proven strategies for philanthropic leadership and success.

Authors: Frank L. Ellsworth, Joseph Lumarda

ISBN Number: 9780471380580
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 268
Publish Date: July 15, 2002
Publisher: Wiley; 1 edition