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Donor Centered Fundraising

Donor Centered Fundraising

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In this groundbreaking and thought-provoking book, author Penelope Burk presents the fundraising industry with its first-ever statistically based look at the present state and future potential of donor-centered fundraising.

Working from interviews with more than 400 charities, individual and corporate donors from across the United States, the new edition Donor-Centered Fundraising paints a clear picture of how donors want to be recognized, and defines donor-centered fundraising as the essential methodology for keeping donors long term.

In clear language, the book explores the pitfalls of our traditional approach to recognition and communication; what really motivates donors to give - and keep giving; and how to provide better information to donors.

With a practical formula to help charities determine how much money they are failing to raise from existing donors, Donor-Centered Fundraising assists professional and volunteer fundraisers in proving that investment in donor-centered fundraising is justified. The book also offers suggestions for testing, budgeting and gaining acceptance for donor-centered fundraising within an organization, no matter what its size.

Donor-Centered Fundraising is written for fundraisers, executive directors and CEOs, communications staff, Board members and other volunteers and staff who want to raise more money from existing donors, halt donor attrition and set their organization on a new course that will bridge the future gap between the demand for and the availability of private sector dollars.

Author: Penelope Burk

ISBN Number: 9780968797815
Format: Paperback
Pages: 238
Edition: Second Edition
Publisher: Burk & Associates Ltd.