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Capital Campaigns: Strategies that Work!

Capital Campaigns: Strategies that Work! 4th Edition

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Capital Campaigns: Strategies That Work, Fourth Edition serves as an essential guide for capital campaigns of all sizes and configurations, from small start-ups to colleges and universities. Ideal for novices and experienced professionals alike, this practical, hands-on guide is now a standard reference in the field.

Since the publication of the last edition, the field of fundraising has undergone a major sea change thanks to widespread use of the internet as a tool for raising capital. This thoroughly revised fourth edition has been updated in every chapter to reflect the current ways of communicating and raising money in this digital era. It offers a new chapter on social media and crowd-sourced fundraising in capital campaigns as well as a new chapter on getting your board of directors campaign-ready.

Key Features:
• Provides clear, step-by-step instructions for launching and managing a capital campaign
• Loaded with examples of real-life capital campaigns to help the reader understand the real world application of strategies
• Offers many charts, check-lists, timetables, budgets, and worksheets provide formats and samples that the reader can use or adapt for her campaign

ISBN: 9781284069235 | © 2017 | 406 pages