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Attracting the Attention your Cause Deserves

Attracting the Attention your Cause Deserves

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To attract attention to your cause, you could: Paint your building Day-Glo orange, blare hip hop music from the rooftop, have staff members sport Mohawk haircuts. But if you're a bit less bombastic, and searching for innovative (and more palatable) ways to attract ongoing attention, you'll fare much better with Joseph Barbato's book, Attracting the Attention Your Cause Deserves.

First, let's make clear what this book is NOT. It is not a guide for writing press releases. It is not a manual for creating a speaker's bureau. It is not a treatise offering PR palaver. All of those hairs have been split many times over. Attracting the Attention Your Cause Deserves is something far more useful and invigorating to those wanting to advance the good work of their organization. Think of it as a "Trade Secrets Revealed" book, one allowing you to accomplish three key objectives for your cause:

  • 1) Greater visibility
  • 2) A broader constituency
  • 3) More money raised And who better to write it than Joseph Barbato, a widely respected pro who's worked both sides of the aisle.

For 20 years he toiled in the public information departments of various nonprofits. Now he heads an award-winning firm that works with some of America's top nonprofits. After reading Attracting the Attention Your Cause Deserves, here are just a few of the skills you'll become more proficient at:

  • Sharpening your organization's niche
  • Identifying the range of people who benefit from your work thereby targeting your audiences with greater precision
  • Cultivating the right media people, locally, regionally, and nationally if appropriate
  • Organizing your website most efficiently for the press
  • Making a persuasive pitch, in writing and over the phone
  • Becoming the "go to" person for reporters and others, and
  • Learning how to package your expertise to gain even greater exposure With more than a million nonprofit organizations in existence, there's a lot of noise out there.

Shouting won't get you noticed everyone's doing that. And everyone's tuning it out. What will attract attention is following Joseph Barbato's field-tested advice. Take his insider wisdom to heart. It spills over every single page of this book. Then, even if you whisper, rest assured you'll still be heard.

Author: Joseph Barbato

ISBN Number: 9781889102061
Format: Paperback
Pages: 104
Publish Date: September 30, 2005
Publisher: Emerson & Church; 1 edition